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Personal Training

What is personal training?

We offer private, one-on-one sessions in our comfortable studio. Whether your goals are weight loss, improved mobility, or overall health and fitness, we can pair you with the right trainer for you. You can expect regular assessments to track your progress, and workouts designed with you in mind to push you towards your goals. 


Who should try personal training?

Our clients come to us with a variety of goals, and our trainers have unique certifications and experience to meet the needs of each client. You may want to take advantage of personal training if you are an:

  • Individual who needs guidance and direction in order to reach their fitness goals

  • Individual who has been told by a health professional to become more active

  • Individual who would like to gain strength, muscle tone, or endurance

  • Individual who would like to manage various  health conditions

  • Individual who is in a rut and needs to change things up   

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