Foam Rolling For Tension and Pain Release 

Foam Rolling at HDF is the only class of it's kind offered in the city of Ridgecrest. It is geared towards people of all walks of life and focuses on relieving pain and stress from the body by targeting areas of stress in our muscles. It can best be described as a type of self massage using techniques that put pressure on sore and tight areas in our bodies. Various stretching techniques are also taught in this class along with practical techniques for use at work or at home. This class is beneficial to any workout routine as a part of active recovery; designed to "reset" your body between intense training days. *HDF supplies all equipment needed*

Boot Camp

Bootcamp is circuit style training with a combination of HIIT style workouts and strength training. We address full body fitness and focus on building muscle and keeping your heart rate elevated for about 45 minutes of hard work in between a warmup and stretch. The goal is to challenge you, but still have a class that is accessible to all levels of fitness through changes in weights, progressions, and regressions of the exercises.


Super Seniors 

Freedom of effortless movement through targeted training methods using exercises that focus on building total body strength with an emphasis on improving balance, stability, and flexibility. Some of the benefits of strength training include improved bone density and increased balance, which help contribute to greater ease in performing everyday tasks and greater overall quality of life!


In this high energy class you will experience various styles of cardio such as boxing, kickboxing, plyometric, and agility drills interspersed with bodyweight exercises. We will end with 15 straight minutes of core and a relaxing stretch to send you on your way! All levels welcome. Sweat. Smile. Have fun. Repeat.

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